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Nigerian King: I Have A $1M Watch And Have The Same Cars As Queen Elizabeth

"I have a wrist watch that cost $1 million. I wear expensive wrist watches, shoes and chains, all made of diamond. First and foremost, I am very creative and secondly, I emulate the style of our forefathers, wearing royal beads as an old style. You know these days, if you want to become a popular and flamboyant king, you have to use diamonds, diamond chains, diamond wrist watches, diamond shoes, diamond ring and my muffler is also made of diamond or gold. And that will make you unique among other Obas and that doesn’t make you proud. I like to be the first in everything. I have the largest oil tank in West Africa today. I use the same type of automobile with the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth. We use the same Rolls Royce and Bentley. Aside that, I have a seven-door limousine Mercedes, I want to be the first in everything." - Obateru Akinruntan, billionaire Obat Oil founder and tribal king of western Nigeria. (Via the Nigeria Daily Post)

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