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One Million Moms: Victory Over Disney

Just in via email:
Dear Joe, Disney did air the "Good Luck Charlie" episode featuring two moms as a same-sex couple this week, but your efforts were not in vain. Although One Million Moms is disappointed in Disney after we urged the network not to air this particular episode, did pay attention to our outcry and did not sponsor the program, nor did any other company. Disney did not have any financial support in airing LGBT agenda. The network had to foot the bill themselves. Thank you for your help! One Million Moms will continue to fight the good fight with your support. Your order will help One Million Moms remain strong. A Valentine's Special, that includes two Thomas Street Coffee Mugs and a 12oz bag of coffee (plus FREE SHIPPING), will make someone feel special this year with a gift that is making a difference! Click here to find out available coffee blends, tasting notes and pricing. Not only will this order help One Million Moms continue its efforts, but it also will help spread the Good News. When you order Thomas Street Coffee, you are supporting efforts to proclaim the gospel of Christ in countries where 40% of unreached people groups live, including Ethiopia, Peru, Uganda, Honduras, Indonesia and other coffee growing regions. Sincerely, Monica Cole.
I've emailed to ask if they actually had any ads scheduled to run during the show.

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