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Peter Sprigg On Marriage Math

"Advocates of redefining marriage to include homosexual couples have taken to using a new statistic that is apparently intended to communicate the growing acceptance of such redefinition. Instead of talking straightforwardly about the number of states which now issue civil marriage licenses to same-sex couples (eighteen as of this writing), they will say something like 'XX% of Americans now live in states with same-sex marriage.' Suppose we look, instead, only at states in which the voters themselves, acting on a referendum at the ballot box, have decided the definition of civil marriage. In only three states have voters actively endorsed laws to redefine marriage at the ballot box — Maine, Maryland, and Washington (all in November 2012). Combined, these three states represent only 4.5 percent of the American population. Yet I doubt that the media will ever report that almost fifteen times as many people live in states where voters have endorsed a one-man-one-woman marriage definition as live in states where voters have endorsed changing that definition." - Hate group leader Peter Sprigg, writing for the Family Research Council.

RELATED: Sprigg has declared that Lawrence V Texas was "wrongly decided" and that there should be "criminal sanctions for homosexual behavior." He said this on national television.

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