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Sean Penn Is Melting Down His 65 Guns

"Being provoked by this aforementioned strong woman and considering how liberating of bullshit and ugliness it would be not only get rid of the guns I have in the continental United States but also to destroy them, Jeff Koons and I had a chat the other day. The highest bidder gets every single one of my guns put in the hands of this iconic artist and sculptor. Koons will decommission [and] render inactive all of my cowardly killing machines." - Sean Penn, speaking about his 65 guns on Monday at his relief benefit for Haiti. The winning bidder for not-yet created piece by Koons was Anderson Cooper, who finally topped Piers Morgan with a $1.4M bid. The "strong woman" Penn referred to is his current girlfriend Charlize Theron, whose mother shot her father to death when Theron was 17 years old.

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