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TEXAS: Judge Refuses Regnerus Brief Filed By Anti-Gay Christian Group

A federal judge in Texas has refused to consider an amicus brief filed by the anti-gay Christian group Texas Values in the marriage equality lawsuit against the state.  The brief cites the work of discredited researcher Mark Regnerus four times. The Dallas Voice reports:
The group’s brief argues that children in same-sex families are at a disadvantage compared to children in opposite-sex homes. It encourages the court to deny a temporary injunction two same-sex couples are seeking so state officials are prohibited from enforcing the state’s marriage ban. It further explains that studies by associations like the American Psychological Association are wrong in their findings that gay parents raise well-adjusted children. [snip] U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia ruled Monday that the brief be stricken from the record because “it cites no legal authority in its motion to this regard.”
Bolding is mine. Texas Values was one of the leading opponents to San Antonio's recently approved ordinance that grants employment and housing protections to LGBT residents. (Tipped by JMG reader Win)

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