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The Grammys Were Demonic

CBS Sports mocks:
I have no idea what McCarron is talking about. Personally I found Beyonce's performance to start the show to be a religious experience, but not the demonic kind. The strangest thing about all of this to me, though, is that McCarron sent out this tweet before bands like Metallica and Nine Inch Nails performed. Usually its the hard rock bands being linked to evil, not the pop stars like Katy Perry. Maybe what McCarron meant was that there must be evil forces at work for some of last night's winners to be deemed award-winning musicians. Or maybe he just saw Taylor Swift dancing. If that's the case then I totally get where he's coming from.
McCarron won back-to-back national championships as the quarterback for Alabama. Some expect him to be a first round draft choice for the NFL. The next Tim Tebow?

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