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This Is An Ad For Something

AdWeek recaps:
GoDaddy, which this fall promised no more sleazy Super Bowl commercials, still shows plenty of skin in its first ad for this year's gameā€”but it's mostly male, and it's absurdly pumped up. The Web-hosting company on Wednesday rolled out one of its two 30-second spots for Super Bowl XLVIII, titled "Bodybuilder." Unlike most of its Super Bowl work since 2005, which was marked by provocation and sexual innuendo, this year's spots are meant to be different in two respects: They focus on what GoDaddy does to help small businesses succeed online; and they show women as smart, successful small-business owners rather than scantily clad sex objects.
The female bodybuilder in the ad, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, is actually wearing a body suit.

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