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TONIGHT: FX Debuts Animated Series About Rapping Gay Bear Rapist

The Washington Post has a review:
Behind bars, Chozen discovers that he’s gay — or, at the very least, he discovers that he’s a thuggish hybrid of a hip-hopper and bear. In his songs, he raps about the big-house pleasures of rough, anonymous encounters with unwilling partners. The first several episodes of “Chozen” would have a viewer believe there is nothing funnier than jokes about prison rape. “Chozen” is far from alone in this. Prison rape is an unfortunately acceptable, and hackneyed, punch line across the landscape of American comedy; worse still, it’s a reprehensible feature of criminal justice in our culture, which revels in dropped-soap jeers directed at the newly incarcerated. I’d be willing to let “Chozen” have its laughs there if it would more quickly move onto its better traits and smarter jokes. The show has a clever satirical premise at its center, in which Chozen must reconcile his warped ideas about gender and success with the warped ideas of gender and success in the rap-music industry at large.
Sigh. Here's the trailer.

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