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UTAH: Attorney General Posts "Help Wanted" Ad For Marriage Battle Lawyers

The Utah GOP has indicated they'd be willing to spend at least $2M to overturn marriage equality and yesterday the just-appointed state Attorney General posted a help wanted ad for outside counsel. An excerpt:
Proposals must include: 1.A statement of qualifications describing the attorney’s appellate experience in the federal courts of appeal, particularly in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court, and expertise in federal constitutional law, preferably the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and/or in a state’s right to define marriage. 2. Proposals must include the following guaranteed maximum fee caps: a. A fee cap for the appeal to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. b. A separate fee cap if an appeal to the U.S Supreme Court is requested. 3. A list of hourly rates for head counsel and any assistants, support staff and the like that are to be part of the billing. The selected attorney(s) and staff will be paid the lesser of the hourly rates for work performed or the applicable fee cap.
Applicants will be vetted for any conflict of interest. That's...interesting.

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