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UTAH: Tenth Circuit Court Sets Oral Arguments In Marriage Case For April 10th

Via the Salt Lake Tribune:
On Wednesday, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals announced oral arguments in the state’s appeal will take place April 10. The case will be decided by a panel of three judges, who will be randomly assigned about 10 days before the hearing. The 10th Circuit has agreed to let the same panel handle an appeal from Oklahoma, where a lower court struck down a similar ban on same-sex marriage. The court also will allow amicus briefs to be filed jointly in the Utah and Oklahoma cases. The appellate court has set an expedited briefing schedule for Oklahoma, with the last filings due April 7. The last filings in the Utah case are due March 4.
In related news, the above-linked article also notes that the ACLU's suit to force Utah to recognize the existing 1200+ marriages has been moved from state court to a federal district court.

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