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COLORADO: Nine Couples Might Be Suing To Overturn Gay Marriage Ban

A marriage equality lawsuit is in the works in Colorado, but there's something funky going on behind the scenes.
On Monday afternoon, the law firm Reilly Pozner announced a press conference at its downtown offices at 10 a.m. Tuesday but declined to say what the suit was about, only that “nine Colorado couples, four of whom are legally married, will explain recent events that on Tuesday morning led them to file a precedent-setting civil rights lawsuit against the State of Colorado.” FOX31 Denver confirmed through multiple sources that the plaintiffs, which include five lesbian couples and four gay couples, will be challenging the state’s gay marriage ban. But two hours after the initial press advisory about the press conference, a second advisory followed stating that the press conference had been cancelled. It’s increasingly unclear whether the lawsuit will be filed, or when. Amendment 43, approved by 56 percent of Colorado voters in 2006, defines marriage in the state as a union between a man and a woman.
RELATED: In November a lesbian couple sued Colorado after being rejected for a marriage license. Colorado is under the jurisdiction of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has cases pending regarding same-sex marriage in Utah and Oklahoma.

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