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Dan Savage On Ireland's Panti Bliss

"Consider this post a thank you note to shitty bigot [Irish Times columnist] John Waters and shitty bigot Breda O’Brien and all the shitty bigots at the Iona Institute. Thank you for bringing Panti Bliss to our attention. Thanks to your stupidity and Rory 'Panti Bliss' O'Neill's eloquence, Panti has gained an international following. And if you shitty motherfuckers are dumb enough to sue Panti, know this: she not only has thousands of supporters in Ireland, she has thousands of new supporters all over the world. Myself included. And we will spread the word and we will raise money and we will call you shitty fucking homophobes without a moment's hesitation. Because you're a bunch of shitty fucking homophobes. So congrats, you dumb fucking haters. You made that Irish drag queen an international superstar—and if you are stupid enough to come after her, you've made her an international cause célèbre." - Dan Savage.  Read my first post about the controversy here. And as Dan suggests, watch Panti's video if you missed it the first time. And even if you didn't miss it, watch it again.

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