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INDIANA: NOM May Sue To Force Gay Marriage Ban Onto 2014 Public Ballot

After a long, long unbroken string of crushing defeats all over the country, the National Organization for Marriage says it is working on filing a lawsuit in an attempt to force a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage onto this year's public ballot in Indiana.  NOM and other hate groups were humiliated earlier this week when the Indiana Senate failed pass a version of the ban that would have been eligible to be voted on this year.
The National Organization for Marriage tells RTV6 that they met with the House Speaker Brian Bosma on last Wednesday. "We are building a coalition of the willing and looking for legislators who are willing to join in this task," said Chris Plante [photo], regional director of NOM. "We understand it will be heavy lifting, but if we all work together, we believe we have the law on our side. And we believe HJR-3 should go to the people in November 2014 as was promised by legislature on multiple occasions," said Plante. A spokesperson for Bosma confirms that a member of the National Organization for Marriage met with Bosma at the suggestion of a lawmaker who accompanied the NOM representative. The spokesperson said the meeting was brief and points out that in the past the Speaker has met with a number of other stakeholders involved in the HJR-3 debate, including Freedom Indiana. We reached out to Sen. Mike Delph, but he declined to comment on this story.
NOM is apparently pinning their proposed lawsuit on the claim that the "main idea" of banning same-sex marriage was approved in two consecutive legislatures, even though Indiana state law explicitly stipulates that the wording in both years must be exactly the same. And whatever happened to "let the people vote"? Snork!

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