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KENTUCKY: Crackpot "Ex-Gay" Preacher Erects Billboard In Downtown Louisville

AdWeek reports:
Controversial ministry Abba's Delight has put up a billboard in Louisville, Ky., that targets "people of faith who are uncomfortable with their same-sex attractions." Abba's Delight founder Daniel Mingo says the billboard, which tells unhappy gay people that "you have options," was intended to be a helpful message, so he was taken aback by the negative feedback he's gotten. Gay reform ministries are quackery to begin with, but they usually aren't this passive-aggressive. Abba's Delight is still denouncing homosexuality and claiming it's incompatible with religious faith, but if gay people are happy being sinful and wrong, this ministry seems to say, they can have at it.
Abba's Delight? Seriously? From their about page:
Abba’s Delight was founded in April 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky by Daniel Mingo, the Ministry Director. It is a Christian, Biblically based ministry, inter-denominational in nature. As a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, Abba’s Delight seeks to be funded by donations from churches, individuals, businesses, and from ministry service fees. The ministry serves the Louisville, KY and Southern IN areas, and beyond. Abba’s Delight was established to provide ministry opportunities through a relationship with Jesus Christ and His church to those who are sexually broken. Though the ministry’s main focus is towards those who initiate contact with us dealing with unwanted same gender attractions, we are equipped and experienced in working with heterosexual brokenness as well.
And about the "ex-gay" preacher:
Daniel Mingo became a born-again Christian at age 17, yet for nearly 30 years secretly involved himself in homosexual activity through anonymous encounters. Intensely pursuing discipleship in Jesus while dying to the temptations of same sex attractions proved a monumental internal conflict, yet Daniel neither took on a gay identity nor immersed himself in the gay culture. Realizing he had been feeding a sexual addiction for nearly 30 years, Daniel went into recovery in 1993 through mentor counseling and attending support/recovery group meetings, and continues that overcoming process today.
All "ex-gays" are selling something. All of them.

VIDEO: Below is a report from a Louisville television station, which includes a reaction from the Kentucky Fairness Campaign.

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