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ARIZONA: House Passes Bill To Legalize Anti-Gay Discrimination By 33-27 Vote

The Senate approved the bill yesterday. Watch live here.

UPDATE: This is one of the more lively of these things. We've got some fantastic advocates in the Arizona House.

UPDATE II:  The committee has passed the bill by a voice vote. The full House will hear the vote shortly.

UPDATE III: As those of who watched know, the hero of today's debate was House Minority Leader Rep. Chad Campbell. Tweet him your thanks @RepCampbell.
UPDATE IV: The ACLU encourages contacting House members before the full House vote.

UPDATE V: And that's it. The Arizona legislature has legalized discrimination against LGBT people. The bill now goes to anti-gay freak show Gov. Jan Brewer, who vetoed a nearly identical bill last year, but as "punishment" to the legislature for not passing a budget.

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