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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal: There Is A Silent War Against Religious Liberty

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gave a speech about "religious liberty" at the Reagan Library. Tony Perkins cheers via press release:
After talking about the ObamaCare mandate and the assault on conscience, Jindal turned to marriage. "This is the next stage of the assault, and it is only beginning. Today, an overwhelming majority of those who belong to a religious denomination in America -- that's more than half the country -- are members of organizations that affirm the traditional definition of marriage. All of those denominations will be targeted in large and small degrees in the coming years." At times fiery and other times contemplative, the speech was a breath of fresh air in a political world crowded by weak-willed people pleasers. It was a fitting place for such a principled display -- there, surrounded by the reminders of Ronald Reagan's greatness.
This is just a snippet of the speech. After all, how much could you really take?

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