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Matt Barber Is Very Upset About Comments Left On His Own Website

Now that he's launched his own website, hate group leader Matt Barber no longer has to troll JMG to find comments that upset him. He writes about the above message:
Brave talk from this man, woman or some-combination-there-of. Note that he/she/he-she doesn’t even have the guts to give a real name. There are many on the left that, like “Columbia,” would love to see Matt Barber and every other Bible-believing Christians fired, jailed or even executed. We’re not there yet, but anti-Christian hate is growing in popularity both at home and abroad. Please pray for “Liberty Columbia” and for all of BarbWire’s new “progressive,” homosexualist and anti-Christian fans. God designed them each to know right from wrong. We can’t imagine the struggle they’re going through. Warring with God must be an incredibly exhausting endeavor.
Barber should totally call Eric Holder and demand his own arrest for allowing such messages to be posted! Snork! By the way, note that at the top link, Barber includes a wanted posted for Jesus Christ. Because he is exactly like Jesus, obviously.

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