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MICHIGAN: Marriage Trial Begins Today

The trial to overturn Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage begins today. As we know, the plaintiffs have filed a motion seeking to bar discredited researcher Mark Regnerus from testifying as an "expert" witness.  The lawsuit was brought by a Detroit lesbian couple who have been prevented from jointly adopting. Michigan station WILX today reports on another local gay family similarly affected:
"As a parent you should worry about your kids, should worry about how they're doing in school, their health, you shouldn't have to worry about if they're going to be taken away from you if something happens to your partner," said Tom McMillen-Oakley who lives in Jackson with his husband and their two adoptive children. Tom and his partner Tod married in 2008 in California and have two children, Anna, 9 and Eli, 5, but only share legal custody of their daughter. "By the time we got married and Eli came along the judge was no longer doing second-parent adoptions, so I am Eli's only legal guardian, Tom has no ties to him at all," Tod said. The couple compared their situation to that of April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, the two Detroit-area nurses who are challenging the ban. The McMillen-Oakley's are hoping a favorable outcome can bring security to their family. "It's the stuff that causes me to lay awake at night and wonder what if something happened," Tom said. "The 'what if' questions are the ones that always get to you."
Folks - these guys are JMG readers. Hit this link and watch the video report of their plight.

UPDATE: The Detroit News is live-tweeting the trial.

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