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Op-Ed Of The Day

From an opinion column in Nigeria's PM News:
If US or any other pro-gay country sends us an openly gay ambassador what is the Nigerian government going to do? If your brother or sister is a homosexual, will you hand him or her to the law? Your kids praise their teacher to the high heavens; you find him or her an epitome of all you want your child’s teacher to be, then one day…you learn he or she is gay. What happens? And your sister-in-law walks out of a marriage hitherto seen as a match made in heaven because her partner wants it either one way or both ways (hope you know what I mean), what will you do? [snip] Seriously, if the Nigerian government repeals this law, let it not be to humour the hypocritical West who do good business with China in spite of her political record. They cannot stand up to that Asian dragon so they accommodate her because they need her. Rather, let it be because the repeal reflects the wishes of the people; protects democracy and minorities who should have a place on God’s green earth.
The author adds that he opposes homosexuality on the basis of his religion and believes that people can "quit" being gay. Nigeria is facing international demands that the law, which only went into effect last month, be repealed.

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