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Anti-Gay Hate Groups Bully World Vision Into Reversing Position On Gay Staffers

Less than 48 hours after announcing that it would now hire legally married gay people, the massive and well-regarded global Christian charity World Vision has crumbled in the face of vicious condemnation and boycott demands from anti-gay hate groups and major evangelical denominations.

Via the Christian news site World Magazine:
Board member Stephen Hayner, president of Columbia Theological Seminary, replied to an email inquiry from WORLD this afternoon concerning the outcry from evangelicals over the original decision: “The Board of World Vision is just concluding a meeting and will be releasing a statement shortly reversing the decision that was made. It was never the intention of the Board to undermine our firm commitment to the authority of the Scripture.” Over the past two days, many major Christian leaders, churches, and evangelical bloggers had responded with shock and dismay over the group’s decision to embrace the unbiblical practice, and some Christians had wondered whether they could continue supporting the group’s popular child sponsorship program.
Get ready for celebrations by our enemies.

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