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Barber Slams CPAC Drunks For Chanting "Fuck Obama" From Hotel Balconies

"The day’s speeches have ended and conference-going night revelers are about. The indoor balcony to my 12th-floor room faces, as the hotel website accurately boasts, a 'spectacular 18-story glass atrium.' My balcony door is open wide, and the bustling din from several parties across the cavernous vestibule soaks the room. A chorus has begun. What is this? Have party-goers launched an impromptu rendering of 'America the Beautiful'? No, this is a chant, joined by scores – a hundred or more perhaps – of young conservative bacchanalians on multiple suite balconies and from the open air bar below. What is that they’re chanting? Is that, 'Amer-i-ca! Amer-i-ca!'? At first, it’s hard to tell. It’s a booming echo that reverberates throughout the entire hotel. And then it becomes clear. Alas, our next generation of conservative leaders are not chanting, “Amer-i-ca! Amer-i-ca!” They are, instead, chanting, 'F**k O-bama! F**k O-bama!' And I hang my head. So, now, children at the hotel, parents, staff, tourists – both foreign and domestic – and every other conceivable variety of guest who happens to be staying at the Gaylord National hotel during CPAC 2014 has a skewed, and likely irreversible, first impression of America’s conservative movement." - Hate group leader Matt Barber, decrying CPAC's "drunken yuck monkeys" for World Net Daily.

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