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Bill Donohue: I Beat NYC Pride

"I want to be very honest with you. This was a ploy, and they took the sucker's bait. I wanted to push them to tell me when I didn't agree with your rules that you weren't going to go along with it. I won on it. I had no intention of marching in the parade. Let's just say that [parade training sessions] are totally legitimate. Again, that's their call. It's none of my business to tell them what their rules ought to be. My larger point was, 'You have rules. So does the St. Patrick's Day Parade'." - Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue, speaking yesterday on a right wing internet television show.

Earlier this month Donohue was granted permission to march in this year's NYC Pride behind a banner that was to read "Straight Is Great." Donohue then weaseled out of marching, claiming that the parade's mandatory logistics meeting was a "gay training session." Donohue also yesterday claimed that he has photos of nude men masturbating and performing "Satanic dances" in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral during a 1994 "unauthorized" gay pride parade that was separate from the parade organized by NYC Pride. Hit to link to watch video of yesterday's interview.

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