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IRAN: News Site Claims Government Executed Two Men For Gay Sex Acts

Iran Press News yesterday reported that the government there has executed two young men for homosexuals acts. The story has not yet appeared in other news outlets at this writing. The site, which gets about 500K monthly visits, describes itself on Facebook:
Iran Press News: an independent news outlet focused on the advancement of democracy and human rights in Iran. Since the onset of its operation in September of 2004, Iran Press News has reached millions of users around the globe with a daily average of thousands of visits per given day. During the Green Movement uprising in 2009, Iran Press News was trusted by major news organizations as a reliable avenue for publishing the most comprehensive and reliable coverage of events. A network of independent journalists contribute to submission of daily content that includes news, opinion and analysis, exclusive articles, video and audio reports and Iran related current affairs.
Iran has publicly hanged gay men in the past. Below is the Google Translate version of the article. Perhaps one of our Farsi-speaking readers can provide a better translation. I'll update this post if I find confirmation of the Iran Press News story.

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