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MASSACHUSETTS: Scott Lively Attends LGBT Rights Forum For Gubernatorial Candidates, Spews Lies And Hatred

Detestable hate group leader Scott Lively yesterday sat on a Boston dais with seven other Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates to take questions from the public about their positions on LGBT-related issues. Mass Live reports that Lively responded to every question with lies and insults.
The Springfield pastor, anti-gay rights activist and independent candidate railed against “LGBT propaganda,” arguing homosexuality is an acquired condition and not a “normal” form of sexuality, promoting reparative therapy, and saying AIDS can be stopped by ending “homosexual sodomy.” The other Democratic and independent candidates for governor largely ignored Lively and talked about their own positions supporting transgender and gay rights. Venture capitalist Jeff McCormick, who was seated next to Lively and frequently answered questions after Lively acknowledged the difficulty. “I should win an award after this. Someone owes me a martini,” McCormick said at one point. At the forum, asked about addressing domestic violence in the LGBTQ community, Lively said, “Why should we be propping up homosexual relationships instead of encouraging people into healthy normal…relationships?” That line prompted a call from someone in the largely pro-gay rights audience to “move to Uganda.”
Five Democrats and three independents, including Lively, were at the event, which was sponsored by MassEquality. Not in attendance was the one declared Republican candidate, who claimed to have a scheduling conflict. The above-linked source notes that except for Lively, all of the candidates expressed general support for the discussed LGBT issues. Lively concluded his closing remarks by telling the audience that all homosexuals are bound for hell.

VIDEO: The forum was broadcast live by Boston PBS station WGBH, who posted a recording of the full event this morning.

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