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NEW YORK CITY: Buildings Collapse In Harlem After Massive Explosion

A massive explosion has resulted in the collapse of at least two apartment buildings on the east side of Harlem this morning. Dozens of NYFD units are on the scene. All Metro-North service is suspended due to possible damage to the elevated tracks and a nearby station. MTA service on the 4-5-6 subway lines is moving very slowly due to fears of further building collapses from train vibrations. Local television reports that there have been multiple serious injuries. The NYPD bomb squad is on the scene. Story developing...

UPDATE: CNN reports that prior to the explosion ConEdison had been called to the scene to investigate a report of a gas leak.
UPDATE II: A least one death has now been reported. Local TV says that over 20 people have been transported by ambulance. One of the destroyed buildings was five stories tall and likely had about 30 units. A housing activist just interviewed by CNN says gentrification may be to blame as landlords are slow to do critical repairs because they want longtime tenants out of their buildings.

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