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Todd Starnes Gay-Baits Obama

President Obama visited a NYC outlet of the Gap today, where he examined a pink sweater which Fox News reporter and chaotic anti-gay shitbag Todd Starnes says is "presumably" for one of the president's daughters. Because (heh-heh) GAY.  Starnes continues:
The economy is in shambles. Obamacare is on life support. And the Russians have fortified their invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Shopper-in-Chief strolled about the nearly empty retail store as the White House Pool reporter chronicled his every move. “Obama and the sales associate delved into sweaters in a rainbow of colors,” the reporter duly noted. The Ukrainians should probably just go ahead and surrender. History recorded that Nero fiddled while Rome burned and it appears history is repeating itself. At least Nero wasn’t shopping for a knit sweater and mom jeans.
As other not-Fox outlets have accurately reported, Obama dropped in at the Gap store as part of his push for a rise in the minimum wage. He is in town to attend two Democratic Party fundraising events.

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