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World Vision Canada: We Are Legally Barred From Discriminating Against Gays

The US-arm of the global charity World Vision may have crumbled to bullying and boycotts by anti-gay hate groups, but that can't happen up north. From a spokesman for World Vision Canada:
Friends, we’ve been getting lots of questions about World Vision US’s hiring policy and I wanted to let you know that this does not affect World Vision Canada’s policies or actions. Canada’s legal environment is quite different from that of the United States. We comply with provincial laws on this matter which prohibit discrimination in employment. For example, as part of our hiring process, we do not ask questions about sexual orientation, marriage or related issues. However, when we hire, we are very clear about our values and our Christian identity. We explain how our Christian identity motivates and informs our work and how we work together here in Canada. While we have a code of conduct on ethical and legal issues, we don’t ask staff to sign a lifestyle code of conduct.
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