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Eugene Delgaudio: I Stopped ENDA

"Dear Joe, The Homosexual Lobby and their Democrat cronies in Congress are furious. They've been trying to ram the Gay Bill of Special Rights through the House of Representatives since it passed the Senate for the first time ever back in November. But your Public Advocate has stopped them cold. That's why 220 Democrat Senators and Congressmen have signed a letter to President Obama demanding he bypass Congress with a sweeping executive order. If enacted, this order would unjustly prohibit Christian businesses that uphold traditional values from being considered for contracting with the Federal government. And while this order only targets government contractors, the message to all Christian businesses, churches, and schools is clear: 'Comply with the Homosexual Agenda or we're coming after you!' Please consider chipping in a generous gift of $5 or $10 or even $35 to help keep Public Advocate's critical programs running to keep the pressure on!" - Eugene Delguadio, in his hundredth money beg of the year.

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