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Kentucky Print Shop: No Gays Wanted

Herald Embroidery in Oak Grove, Kentucky produces customized apparel, ad banners, and other promotional materials. It appears that non-potty mouthed Christians with guns and beards are welcome in their store, but gays are definitely not. From an online review posted last week:
My wife and I went into this shop to get shirts for my parent's anniversary. We went in holding hands and the clerks gave us dirty looks the entire time. We didn't understand why; maybe they thought we were suspicious? I confronted one of the employees and they directed me to a sticker in the window. It had a pride flag on it and it basically meant gays weren't welcome. My wife and I were heartbroken; we just wanted shirts made! But we wasted a trip for nothing. Guess we'll get our shirts online next time. So sad about this treatment.
(Tipped by JMG reader Gordon)

UPDATE: The owner has responded to a JMG reader. From the comments of this post, this is his message: "We recently posted five 3" stickers on the front entrance to our shop. Two of these stickers are negative and prohibitive in there message. We will not serve people that are foul-mouthed, nor will we serve people that flaunt their homosexual lifestyle in our place of business and/or request us to produce promotional products that do so. Matthew Lombard, Owner."

NOTE: The tip credited above comes from a straight JMG reader.

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