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Linda Harvey Praises Muslim Cabbies For Refusing To Drive With Gay Games Ads

Linda Harvey has praised the Muslim cab drivers in Cleveland who have refused to drive with Gay Games ads on their vehicles. According to Harvey, gay activists are hypocritical for not denouncing the cabbies because there would be outrage if the drivers were Christians.

RELATED: The Cleveland Plain Dealer editorialized last week:
It's unfortunate that nearly one-third of the 75 cab drivers employed by companies under contract to provide taxi service at city-owned Cleveland Hopkins International Airport walked off the job recently rather than drive vehicles that advertise the upcoming Gay Games in Greater Cleveland. But the incident underscores how critical it is as the Games approach to do more education and outreach about this sporting event, which is open to all athletes, gay and straight, who are over the age of 18. The taxi drivers who quit are Muslim and cited religious reasons for not wanting to drive cabs promoting the Games, airport spokeswoman Jacqueline Mayo said. It's certainly their prerogative to do so. But Cleveland, and Akron, where many of the events will be held, need and want to show a friendly face.

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