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Seventh Cativersary

Seven years ago today I brought Shelley home from the East Harlem ASPCA. She was 18 months old, very underweight, timid, and FIV+. And she was so freaked out on the first day in my apartment that she tried to escape by climbing the chimney. Today she's a healthy ten pounds and the friendliest cat I've ever worked for, if also the quietest. As I like to do on this date, I encourage you to visit your local shelter and consider adopting an adult cat. At this writing there are 84 adult cats up for adoption at the East Harlem shelter. I'm partial to the Seinfeldian Seven.
RELATED: The ASPCA has a fantastic "cats over three are free" program for adult cats: "The Free Over Three adoption package includes spaying or neutering, vaccinations and micro-chipping. Adopters will also receive a certificate for free follow-up veterinary care at the ASPCA Animal Hospital within 14 days of adoption, a pet carrier and literature about cat behavior." The APSCA also supports a no-kill coalition of animal shelters all over the New York City area.

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