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Tea Party Nation: One Million Democrats Voted Twice In The 2012 Election

Here's some amusing crackpottery from Judson Phillips, head of Tea Party Nation, who has some "shocking news" about the 2012 election.
A study done in North Carolina showed that 35,750 people who live and voted in North Carolina may have voted in another state in the 2012 Presidential election. The study was based on comparing the first and last names along with date of birth for people who voted in 28 other states. In 765 of those cases, social security numbers matched as well. This number would have probably been larger but only 28 states participated and the four largest states, California, New York, Texas and Florida did not participate. If you extrapolate this figure out over the entire population, that could be over one million double votes in 2012. Democrats are not winning elections. They are taking them the old fashioned way. They are stealing them.
Right Wing Watch dryly notes:
North Carolina used a program run by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, which even Kobach acknowledges produces a “significant number” of “false positives.” Officials using the program in Ohio and Colorado failed to identify a single case of fraudulent voting from the “matches” that the program produced. Even the North Carolina elections board has backtracked from its original blockbuster number, telling ThinkProgress that “we are not jumping to conclusions here.” In other words, North Carolina’s report contains no proof of any voter fraud, much less 35,000 cases of it. But never mind the facts! Phillips then “extrapolate[s]” the North Carolina figure “out over the entire population” to guess that there “could be over one million double votes in 2012,” thereby winning President Obama the election. (Of course, in Phillips’ reckoning, all of these imaginary cases of voter fraud were perpetrated by Democrats – although they still weren’t enough to win North Carolina for the president).
A million people conspired to vote twice and never gave away the identities of the organizers. That there's some good conspiring, I tells you what.

RELATED: When Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed that "religious liberty" bill in February, Phillips declared that "Arizonans are now the slaves of homosexuals."

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