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FRANCE: Neo-Nazi Party Leader Suggests Using Ebola To Stop Immigration

Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of France's neo-Nazi National Front, says the solution to Europe's immigration "problem" could be ebola.
At a cocktail party before an election rally in Marseille on Tuesday evening, days before the European elections in which the National Front is leading the polls in France, Le Pen spoke of the "demographic explosion" in the world. "Monseigneur Ebola could sort that out in three months," he said in front of journalists. Later, addressing supporters, Le Pen, 85, said he feared the French population risked being "replaced … by immigrants". "In our country and in all Europe, we have known a cataclysmic phenomenon – a migratory invasion that, my friends, we are seeing only the beginning of today." Le Pen, who is standing as MEP for the south-east seat, added: "This massive immigration risks producing a real replacement of populations if we don't arrive in power soon enough to put an end to the politics of decadence that has been followed for decades."
PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: The National Front is a backer of the anti-gay Manif Pour Tous and has supported its numerous, vicious and often violent rallies, as have Brian Brown and Tony Perkins.  Jean-Marie Le Pen has been convicted six times for inciting racial hatred, including for denying that the Holocaust took place. Last year Le Pen's daughter, Marine Le Pen, herself a failed candidate for France's presidency, praised the man who committed suicide at Notre Dame Cathedral in protest of same-sex marriage. In February of this year Le Pen's granddaughter, 24 year-old Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, led a massive anti-gay march through the streets of Paris. What a family. In January of this year the youth leader for the National Front called for France to institute anti-gay laws similar to those in Russia.

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