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GEORGIA: Gay Couples Rudely Denied When Applying For Marriage Licenses

Via the Savannah Morning News:
The Probate Court is responsible for issuing marriage licenses, and the couples made their way up to the courthouse’s fifth floor, the location of the Probate Court, but they say their warm welcome at the courthouse suddenly turned sour. “We knew we would get denied,” Hardnett said. “But it was still discouraging to be treated in that manner. “We watched a heterosexual couple approach the clerk before us, and she handed them their application on a clipboard with pens, but when we approached she just handed us the application with no pens or clipboard. “It was obvious her attitude was already very discouraged.” Majors agreed about the cool reception from the clerk. “One couple with us had already gotten legally married in Maryland, and they were told they couldn’t fill out a marriage license, but I know they let them do that in other counties in Georgia, like Fulton,” Majors said.
It's worth noting that in other instances like this, the clerks have almost all been very kind when issuing their denials.

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