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Heritage Foundation: We Won't Give Up On Fighting Against Same-Sex Marriage

"In the media's portrayal, people defending marriage as the union of a man and woman have been getting routed ever since the Supreme Court decision last June — if not before. They point to a string of lower-court rulings striking down state marriage amendments and to public opinion polling, especially of my peers in the Millennial generation. Many also point to the forced resignation of Brendan Eich and the defeat of Arizona's religious-liberty bill. Some people would like me and the millions of Americans who continue to believe that marriage is what societies have believed it to be throughout human history — a male-female union — to get with the program and accept the inevitable. We're clearly, they tell us, on the Wrong Side of History. But we should avoid the temptation to prognosticate about the future in lieu of working to shape that future. We are citizens in a self-governing society, not pundits watching a spectator sport, not subjects of rulers." - Heritage Foundation wonk Ryan T. Anderson, in the opening to a zillion-word essay just published in its entirety on NOM's blog.

Brian Brown adds this note: "I urge you to read this excellent piece right away, and then share it far and wide — via email, on Facebook and Twitter, and however else you can. Print some copies and hand them out to friends, if you like! We need as many people to read this piece as possible today! Thanks to Ryan for his heroic wisdom and leadership!"

RELATED: Anderson has testified against LGBT rights before state legislatures.

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