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LA Pride Adds Roller Disco

Frontiers Magazine gushes:
Even more than securing top-notch talent for its weekend festivities, teaming up with the likes of L.A. nightlife impresarios Luke Nero and Andrés Rigal could be Pride's smartest move to date. Christopher Street West, the organization responsible for putting on L.A. Pride each summer, has announced that the duo will be producing this year's ultimate VIP experience: Thunder Ground, an outdoor pop-up roller rink and disco. This is L.A. Pride's first-ever ticketed VIP experience, and if the turnout is anything like the two nightclub kingpins are able to secure for popular party Plastic Fantastic (Saturdays at Eleven in West Hollywood) or the now-defunct but still-infamous lot party Summertramp, it's bound to be a huge hit.
Roller disco + booze? Should be interesting.

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