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New Condom Idea: The Galactic Cap

Via the LA Weekly:
Condoms are a need, not a want. So why not make them as minimal as possible? Brands have tried with the ultra-thin this and the super-sensitive that. But, so far, your options are to place an obvious barrier between you and your lover ... or not. Condoms are a huge issue in adult video, which is fighting mandatory prophylactic rules because, the industry says, consumers don't want to see them. It turns out that an L.A. area inventor just might have a solution: Charles Powell's Galactic Cap is a prophylactic device that goes only on the very tip of the penis. It sounds like a challenge to the laws of physics, but Powell says it works. It's a two-piece product that uses a U-shaped base comprised of a polyurethane adhesive film and a cap that sticks to that film. The base can be put on hours or even days before sex, and it allows users to urinate or even shower.
The condom is yet to be approved by the FDA.

(Tipped by JMG reader Bill)

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