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Tea Party Head: Use Heroin For Executions

"If the left insists that we use drugs to execute people, why not just a massive overdose of opiates? Every big city cop who has worked for any length of time tells stories of finding heroin addicts who shoot up pure heroin, OD and are found with the needle still in their arm. According to some press reports, when actor Phillip Seymore Hoffman overdosed, death was so fast, the needle was still in his arm. Why don’t we simply use very pure heroin to execute inmates? The left is screaming about the execution of Lockett, but who really cares if he suffered a little? If the left doesn’t like lethal injection, there are lots of other ways to kill condemned inmates. Hanging works pretty well. So do the firing squad, the gas chamber and the electric chair." - Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips, reacting to the outcry over Oklahoma's botched execution.

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