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TEXAS: Christian Group Launches Petition Against LGBT Rights Ordinance

From a petition created by Texas Values Action:
I am opposed to the proposed "Human Rights" Ordinance and ask that you stop this dangerous proposal from moving forward. The proposed ordinance is a threat to public safety, people of faith, and the private sector of Houston. The ordinance will put women and children at risk by allowing men to access women's bathrooms and changing facilities and would force employers and private business owners to violate their religious and moral convictions. This is the worst possible time for government to be increasing its interference in the strong and growing private sector of Houston.

While the Mayor has declared this proposal a "public emergency," no evidence of any systemic discrimination has been provided necessitating such a wide-reaching governmental power grab. Further, I reject the false and immoral premise of this proposal that would seek to equate race with sexual conduct. The M ayor and City Council of Houston have a duty to protect the safety, religious freedom, and economic health of their citizens. This proposed ordinance fails on all three accounts. I ask that you vote no on this dangerous proposal and stop the proposal from moving forward.
The bill was debated yesterday by the Houston City Council Quality Of Life Committee. The full City Council is expected to consider the bill on May 7th.

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