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Utah Gov. Gary Herbert Slams Corbett: Not Defending Marriage Leads To Anarchy

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert took a swipe at fellow GOP Gov. Tom Corbett today for not appealing the legalization of same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania.
Herbert made the comments Thursday during his monthly televised news conference on KUED. The Republican governor said he's dismayed by the suggestion that Utah should drop its defense of the 2004 voter-approved ban because public opinion and social mores are shifting. He said seeing Oregon and Pennsylvania leaders this week decide not to appeal rulings from federal judges striking down bans there does nothing to change his thinking. He said those leaders should be "called on the carpet" for their decision. "For elected officials, governors or attorney generals, to pick and choose what laws (they) will enforce I think is a tragedy, and is the next step to anarchy," Herbert said. "We have an obligation as a state to defend those laws."
Herbert went on make the tired "choice" claim: "What you choose to do with your sexual orientation is different in my mind than what you're born with as far as your race. What your attraction may be is something else, but how you act upon those impulses is a choice." Dude, this is just going to make it SO much fucking sweeter when we win.

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