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Wedding Bells Ring Across Pennsylvania

Minutes after midnight, a lesbian couple got married at Philadelphia's Museum Of Art.
The two arrived with family and friends just 15 minutes before midnight, greeting each other all once again when reunited at the top of the steps with shrieks of celebration as the city skyline acted as a backdrop. They posed for pictures like celebrities as the guests at their last-minute wedding snapped photographs left and right while they fixed hair affected by the high humidity. When it turned midnight, Judge Diana Louise Anhalt began to read her script. And when she read, "What we do today is in conformity with the laws of Pennsylvania," roars erupted. Cheers and claps echoed throughout the top of the museum steps and onlookers joined in the celebration. "It's an honor to be a part of such a historic moment for Pennsylvania," Anhalt said.
Wedding are taking place across the state today and local elected officials are presiding over many of the events.

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