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FLORIDA: Hate Group Now Praises Attorney General They Once Slut-Shamed

Some history from the Orlando Sentinel:
Four years ago, Pam Bondi was under attack. Among her alleged sins: She had gotten two divorces. She had a live-in boyfriend. And she'd never birthed any children. Obviously these things were a big deal ... to those who long for the 1800s. So the finger-waggers at the Florida Family Policy Council — a group that promotes anger and divisiveness as its warped version of faith — told the world not to vote for Bondi. "She has no children and lives with her 60-year-old doctor boyfriend," warned the Policy Council's chief scold, John Stemberger. At the time, Bondi was livid. She called Stemberger's attacks "anti-Christian" and "gutter politics." Now, however, Bondi has joined the zealots. And she is the one launching unseemly attacks: stereotyping gays, besmirching their ability to parent and trotting out antiquated and scientifically debunked arguments. It's all part of Bondi's legal fight against gay marriage. In a recent motion, she argued that, if Florida were to recognize same-sex marriage, it would "impose significant public harm." Such tactics have thrilled the Policy Council guys, who have gone from portraying Bondi as a Jezebel unfit for office to hailing her as a "courageous" leader. All it took was a little gay-baiting.
The Florida Family Policy Council was the chief sponsor of the successful 2008 constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Here's what they said about Bondi earlier this week:
In a day when Attorney Generals around the country are being intimidated and cowardly running from their sworn responsibility to defend the laws of this country and her states, Florida's Attorney General Pam Bondi stands as an example of courage and responsible stewardship of her authority as the highest law enforcement officer in the state. No elected offical is perfect. But in this case, if you are wondering what leadership looks like, look no further than Attorney General Pam Bondi, who did her job and articulately defended the people of Florida and their Constitution which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

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