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Headline Of The Day

It's funny but also not so funny.
Craig Gallo, 51, crashed his boat into the runway lights of the busy hub after descending below deck with James Benenato, 60, and Mary Ann Belson, 60. A spokesman for the PA Police Department admitted that security had been breached. He said if those aboard the boat had been "terrorists with bad intentions," they could have easily succeeded. "If they had hand-held rockets, they would have had plenty of time to fire at planes." However, there were no patrols on that night because the PA Police Department has decided that evening patrols would go in a round of cost cutting measures. "The boats were purchased with federal money. They are not being deployed 24-7 — as the public would expect them to be," said Paul Nunziato of the PAPD union.
LGA's runways extend out into Long Island Sound and now everybody knows you can drive a boat right up to the edge without being hassled. But only at night!

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