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HomoQuotable - Pete Cahall

"I’ve stepped up to the microphone to address my students hundreds of times before. But this was different. My hands were sweaty; I was shaking. I’m the principal of Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, D.C. Last Thursday, I stood in front of a thousand people, including my students, teachers, even D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, and came out. 'I’m a proud gay man,' I said. 'And I just happen to be the principal of Woodrow Wilson High School.' It was the first time I’d ever talked publicly about my sexuality — I’d never even discussed it with my family. [snip] When I made my announcement, there were cheers. Afterward, kids came up and hugged me. The next day, parents and students gave me a five-minute standing ovation. I’ve gotten thousands of e-mails, texts, and Facebook messages from educators all over the world. I’ve heard from parents of gay and lesbian students in high school who’ve attempted suicide. They say, 'I just wish my kid could be a student in your school.' I’ve heard from the kids who used to bully me. Still, I haven’t talked to my parents about it." - Pete Cahall, writing for the Washington Post.

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