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HOUSTON: Anti-Gay Site Calls On Men To "Occupy" City's Ladies Rooms

Via Watchmen News:
The city of Houston has been taken over by the Gaystapo and its homosexual leader Mayor Annise Parker. It wasn’t enough to elect a self-proclaimed lesbian as the mayor of the city. The City Council, in an 11-6 vote, has now shoved the gay agenda done the throats of the people of Houston and those who visit the city in one of the most absurd and ominous laws ever written. So what should be done? A petition drive has been started to get the needed 17,000 signatures to force a citywide referendum to repeal this ordinance. This must be done before the June 30th deadline. If you live in Houston and attend a church, put pressure on your pastor, deacons, and elders to secure signatures. In the meantime, the men of the city should occupy the women’s bathrooms in the name of “equal rights.” If you are asked why you are there, just say, “I think of myself as a woman today.” Maybe after this happens enough the women of Houston will rise up in protest.
The "occupy" call has been endorsed by Matt Barber's site which is also calling for a tourism boycott of Houston.
So here’s a suggestion: when you’re thinking about a family vacation this summer, it might be a good call to go ahead and cross Houston, Texas off your list. That’s because the radical lesbian mayor of the city has, with the help of the city council, shoved down the throats of every citizen in that municipality a law that makes all public restrooms in their jurisdiction open hunting grounds for the deviants, perverts and molesters. But remember, of course, that this gay movement is only about respecting their privacy and ability to live as they desire. There’s no larger agenda to obliterate all moral barriers regarding sexuality. Not at all.
The petition site to overturn the ordinance is here.

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