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Is Rick Perry Moving To California?

According to an article in New York Times Magazine, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is considering a move to California when his term expires.
“Perry told me that he loves California, vacations in San Diego annually, visits the state about six times a year and might even move here in January when he’s done with his 14-year stint running Texas,” writer Mark Leibovich says in the article published Tuesday based on comments the governor made while visiting Los Angeles. It goes on to say, though, “That is, if he does not somehow decide to run for president. Perry’s standard answer about 2016 is a simple ‘I dunno.’” Perry isn’t seeking re-election in November but hasn’t ruled out a second presidential run after his 2012 White House campaign flamed out in a series of public gaffes. In April, he scored a major political victory when Toyota announced it was moving its U.S. headquarters from California to Texas.
The Associated Press notes that such a move would be beyond ironic since Perry's second-favorite hobby after slamming gays is slamming California. (Tipped by JMG reader Joel)

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