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MARYLAND: Archdiocese Of Baltimore Church Holds Gay Pride Celebration

Set your faces to stunned. From the website of the Archdiocese Of Baltimore:
Celebrate Pride Month with the St. Ignatius community! Embracing God’s Gifts, St. Ignatius’ Gay & Lesbian ministry, is inviting you to join us on Friday, June 13th at 7 PM in the Chapel of Grace, where we will give thanks to God for the gift of family. Through music, readings, prayer and a spirit of gratitude, we will gather to celebrate being members of God’s family. Please contact Gordon Creamer at 410.236.8225 if you are interested in participating in the planning process. All are welcome and please bring a friend! A light Reception will follow in Ignatian Hall.
From the St. Ignatius flyer promoting the ministry:
As members of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church, we are called to celebrate and share the gifts of diversity of sexuality in our church today. Our organization, Embracing God's Gifts, has been formed as an instrument for recognizing these gifts and incorporating their goodness and use into the life of our parish. Our mission is to create opportunities for the spiritual enrichment, support and inclusion of all diverse individuals, while being informed by church teaching, and to promote awareness and community building among them. We will accomplish this through a variety of endeavors that foster support, communication and social activities. We invite all to participate in this group with open-mindedness and compassion.
There's no mention of celibacy or "ex-gay" therapy at either of the two links above, but it's entirely possible that either or both are part of the ministry at St. Ignatius. Whatever the story is, the Freepers are losing their shit over this.

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