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MINNESOTA: Christian Group Plans To Cure HIV/AIDS At Twin Cities Pride

A Christian group plans to invade Twin Cities Pride these weekend with hundreds of members who will cure attendees of HIV/AIDS. Yup.
Trinity Works, in coalition with what it says are 30 Twin Cities churches, is planning “Humility 2014,” an infiltration of Twin Cities Pride by outreach workers hoping to convince members of the LGBT community to leave the “lifestyle” as well as their partners, family, and friends, and become heterosexual born-again Christians. The group even had a failed plan to rent out the Gay 90s [nightclub] as a church during Pride. The group says it has about 300 outreach workers scheduled for Pride, and those workers will be based at First Baptist Church on Hennepin Avenue along the Pride parade route. Its leader Steven Uggen told a group gathered in April at The Well, A Living Church in Robbinsdale, that people will be cured of “HIV or AIDS” at the Pride festivities. Uggen says that by healing those with HIV, it will prove to the LGBT community that they should find Jesus and leave “the lifestyle.”
After being cured, here's what the group's leader wants attendees to do: "Go to your doctor, get tested for HIV or AIDS and when you come back negative, you’ve got a decision to make whether you’re gonna serve the God who just healed you." (Tipped by JMG reader Jim)

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