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OKLAHOMA: State House Candidate Backs Stoning Homosexuals To Death

A Tea Party candidate for the Oklahoma House is under fire for a Facebook exchange in which he endorsed stoning homosexuals to death.
Esk first claims that Leviticus 20:13 gives people the right to judge others, and goes on to claim that it is man’s role to put others to death for atrocities such as homosexuality. Then he goes on to claim that if we don’t start killing off homosexuals that God may send a series of “calamities” to nations who do not. So, in other words, every time there is a natural disaster, Esk has given himself the right to claim that it’s because we don’t follow an Old Testament Bible verse and stone gays and lesbians to death. Jerry Falwell would be SO proud of this man. And then it gets worse. Bates asks Esk if he indeed believes that homosexuals should be put to death, and he responds, “I think we would totally be in the right to do it.”
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