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Ontario Elects Lesbian Premier

Last January, Kathleen Wynne became the premier of Ontario by a vote of Liberal Party delegates following the resignation of her predecessor, Dalton McGuinty. Yesterday she was elected as premier when her party won a majority of seats in the provincial legislature.
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is going back to Queen's Park with a majority government after Thursday night's stunning election win. After 40 days on the campaign trail, Wynne ran away with a victory and enough seats to form a majority government. Taking to the stage just after 11 p.m. to her campaign theme song, Katy Perry's "Roar," Wynne called the vote a "strong mandate." "You voted for jobs, you voted for growth, you voted to build Ontario up," Wynne said in her victory speech at the Sheraton Centre in downtown Toronto. "We're not going to leave anyone behind." Speaking directly to voters, Wynne promised to respect them. "You have put your trust in us and we will not let you down," Wynne said. "I will work every day to earn and keep the confidence of the people of Ontario." Wynne - the province's first openly gay premier - thanked her wife Jane Rounthwaite who joined her on stage to raise their hands together in victory. The vote is another milestone - it marks the first time the province has elected a female leader to the premier's job.
VIDEO: Here is Wynne's victory speech.

RELATED:  A minor firestorm broke out on Twitter last night after CBC anchor Robert Fischer referred to Wynne's "lifestyle choice."  Fischer reportedly apologized this morning.

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